Music At The Museum

July 22nd, 2009

The Museum of Vancouver or Planetarium as I'm used to calling it, is the big white structure with the Planetarium inside and the big steely crab outside. It's a newish Wedding Venue and I'm playing there 3 times this summer!

A&D are one of the most lovey dovey couples I've met this year! They really are so sweet on each other and look like the perfect match. I was so pleased they selected me as their harpist for their big day. The wedding venue was actually facing the pond towards the west-side. Outdoors, there is a crescent-shape surrounded by flowers and shurbs, looking out to a beautiful pond and beautiful Vancouver shoreline beyond that. It really is a nice little venue, with an awesome view - I think it's ideal for a small wedding party (30-40 people).

A&D looked picture perfect and they had a Russian Orthodox / Jewish ceremony which turned out very romantic and sentimental. The music selection was a lot of fun as they choose La Vie En Rose and Sway for various parts of the ceremony. These songs were sentimental to both of them as they were taking ballroom dancing together. I snuck a couple pictures as they posed by my harp. I also met a great photography couple. Their company is called Hyperfocus and they took amazing photos - excellent work.