How far ahead should I book a Harpist for my wedding?
Generally, a couple should book their wedding harpist as soon as possible, especially if your wedding falls on a Saturday during the summertime. My weddings are sometimes booked as much as a year and a half in advance. Please give me a call to check on available dates, time, and fees. Josephine: 604-773-5510
How do I make a booking?
Just give me a call with the details of your wedding. We can arrange a date for a meeting, where you can listen to me play my harp. During this meeting, we can pick out the songs you'd like for your ceremony and any other special requests. If you have specific songs you'd like, please bring along a copy of it on a CD. I can learn most songs by listening and will be able to perform it for you on your wedding day.
How much time should I book for my Wedding ceremony?
The duration of most wedding ceremonies is approximately 1.5 hours. This includes guest arrival and seating, ceremony, recessional, and guest departure. Your wedding officiator should be able to give you a better estimate of your specific ceremony time schedule. If you are planning a wedding reception right after the ceremony and would like harp music throughout, a 2 to 2.5 hour booking may be suitable. Therefore, if you're planning to walk down the isle at 2pm, your music booking should start from 1:30pm onwards. I usually arrive at a wedding venue 30 minutes before my booking for setting and tuning up.
My wedding will be outdoors. Will the sound of the harp carry well?
The harp I play is a Concert Grand or Pedal Harp. These instruments are about six-feet tall and can create a very resonant sound. I have performed at many outdoor weddings and the sound has always carried beautifully. I also have a wireless amplification system I can bring along should it be required (larger weddings over 250 guests). The following venues are places I've played outdoors and find that the sound carries very well: Brock House, Cecil Greens, Queen Elizabeth Park, Stanley Park Tea House, Hart House, UBC Golf Course, Quilchena Golf Course, etc. An important thing to keep in mind is that if your wedding is outdoors, the ground where you want the harp should be level and solid.
I have some songs I would like to have at my wedding. Will you be able to play them?
During my years as the resident harpist at the Empress Hotel, requests from guests were common. I can play almost any song, however if it's a song I'm unfamiliar with, please bring a copy of the song on a CD (or the music score if you have it) to our meeting as I can learn to play the song by ear.
Do you play in duets? I would like to have multiple musicians playing at my ceremony.
Harp is a beautiful solo instrument and creates wonderful atmospheric background music, from light classical to pop songs. If you want a different texture, instruments that are more lyrical go beautifully with the harp. I play very often with a flutist and also a violinist. I will have recordings of these duets in my listening section in the near future. There are additional costs for any additional musicians.

For any other queries or to book, please feel free to call or email Josephine:

Telephone: 604-773-5510
Email: josephine@vancouverharp.com